Saturday, October 8, 2016


The hush-hush is over! The cover for October Weeping is ready to go!

What do you think? Are you ready for the creepy follow-up to October Syndrome?

Volume 2 goes live on HALLOWEEN!!! Here's another sneak preview:

Sweet freedom! Naomi was in the car and out of the parking lot when she spotted the old abandoned mall across the busy street. It looked like a graveyard to the past. A thin layer of fog made the giant compound look even eerier. She had spotted it earlier—when they had first arrived at Madame LeGrand’s—but she hadn’t quite soaked in the scene.

            She remembered shopping there with Lucy when she was in Kindergarten. She remembered the courtyard that sat open in the middle of the complex. There was a garden of flowers—red, white, and blue. A small marbled pathway led to outdoor seating. She remembered how fragrant those flowers were. She loved those flowers. They were happiest flowers from a perfect memory with Lucy.

Not like those ridiculous wedding flowers that just smelled like something she didn’t even understand.

            Maybe it was nostalgia that made her pull into the empty parking lot. Or just the need to hold on to a moment that would never happen again. Before her life—or more correctly, her mother’s life—changed forever.

            She smirked when she caught sight of an old Buick parked near the front entrance—with a GHOST HUNTING FOREVER bumper sticker plastered on the back windshield. “Thornwackers.” She whispered with a smile. And without hesitation, she parked beside the Buick.    


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