Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Purgatory: A SNEAK PEEK

If you've read E.M. Bryant's Rapture, and its prequel Genesis, then you're probably more than ready for the release of Purgatory, the final installment in this chilling series!

Purgatory picks up nearly 20 years after Rapture ends... And while we're in for a treat with a new character--the brooding but sexy Gregory Bowers--we also FINALLY get to find out what happened to the makeshift family that made it out of that horrible school--namely, the young nun, the mysterious Derrick Locke, and the 3 little children they rescued.

And, of course, there's the question of Jess Jaco's fate.

Aiding Gregory Bowers with his investigation is the spirited Vivian Sparrow. Vivian is a single mother and workaholic, and her perception into the occult brings a new level of fear and urgency to the case. But as perceptive as Vivian is about the increasing sense of unease and burgeoning evil, Bowers remains skeptical...until he begins to have haunting dreams that threaten the thread between reality and paranoia, leaving him convinced that finding the nun is the key to everything.

Is Jess Jaco haunting the investigators as they struggle to uncover the truth?

As Bowers becomes more and more obsessed with the young nun and finding out who she really is, Vivian worries that Jaco is back and waiting to close in for another round of terror. And when a crazed drifter is apprehended by the police, it is up to Bowers and Sparrow to uncover his true identity. The police believe they have Jaco; but the drifter refuses to cooperate and only requests the company of his wife...leaving both investigators suspicious of exactly who the Merrick Hills police have in custody.

Is it really Jaco? ...Or someone else from the past?

Get ready for the grand finale.

And if you haven't read Rapture or Genesis yet, check out the link's below for free excerpts from both stories.

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Exploring a forgotten town, a group of students stumble upon a diary inside an abandoned boarding school. The contents of the diary reveal the horrific final months of the remaining residents—all being haunted and tormented by a series of frightening occurrences. 
The author of the diary, a young nun, recounts the last days of the school. A young student is missing, and a much-loved priest is suddenly viewed with suspicion. After the school’s funds are cut drastically, the last of the faculty are plagued with fear and paranoia. As the nun struggles to keep the children safe, her faith and vows are put to the ultimate test. And her shocking testimony builds to a devastating truth that will stun until the very last entry.


Follow Jess Jaco's descent into madness in the second installment of E.M. Bryant's diary trilogy... 

“I should have ran so many months ago. Now I know that is not possible. Whatever this place is, it will not allow me to go.” 

Fr. Jaco arrives at the dwindling school known as St. Martin's and quickly becomes targeted by a malicious force...or is it merely his tragic and sinful past catching up with him? Revealing secrets its predecessor left out, Jaco's journal brings both new horrors and new struggles for the remaining residents of the school...with the chilling last entry ushering in a new beginning for the final installment.


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