Wednesday, November 25, 2015


October Syndrome goes live on AMAZON on December 2nd!

Check out an excerpt on this fun new series as it kicks off -- right in time for Christmas (*ahem* good stocking stuffer *ahem*)

Grab an excerpt below!

Book One of the October Series kicks off with Catch and Todd Thornwacker taking on their first ghost hunting adventure!

Aided by friends Sully Chambers and Naomi Prentiss, the foursome quickly realize they may have bitten off more than they can chew inside the former residence of an infamous murderer. 

Teen angst, unrequited love, and ghostly bites await the team in OCTOBER SYNDROME!

“Can you tell what they’re talking about?” Todd had finished off his M&Ms and trail mix and was starting on a bag of Twizzlers. How he kept so skinny and ate so much was a mystery.

            “Maybe they’re getting cold feet. Sully looked a little freaked, right?”

            Todd shrugged. “I hadn’t noticed. Then again, I have noticed you’ve barely taken your eyes off of her.”


            “You can deny it all you want, Captain Denial, but you’ve been making googly eyes at her all night.”

            Catch scoffed. “Googly eyes? She’s fifteen, Todd. I’m seventeen—”

            “Is two years so much?”

            Catch couldn’t believe this conversation was happening. “Toddy, do me a favor and butt out of my love life.”

            “What love life?” Catch smacked him on the back of the head. “Come on, what serious girlfriend have you had, like, ever?”

            “For your information, Sandy Bayless drew a picture of me once.”

            “Sandy Bayless drew a picture of you? Why?”

            Catch’s frustration was building. He rubbed his face and grumbled.

            “Why’d she draw a picture of you, Jonah?

            “Maybe she dug me.” Though saying it out loud suddenly seemed absurd. Sandy Bayless was homecoming queen. And she had been tied to the hip with the quarterback of the football team since freshman year.

            “It’s not easy being a Thornwacker, is it? Even if you’re a wrestling star.”

            Catch recalled the times he was teased in school for his parents’…hobby. The yelling, the name-calling. The word freak had followed him until he joined the wrestling team in junior high—and won. Every. Single. Match.

            That’s where he and Todd differed. Todd embraced being an outcast. He embraced all the weirdness that went along with being Mary and Sebastian’s Thornwacker offspring. Catch preferred being the normal guy…who happened to chase the paranormal at night. 



Saturday, November 21, 2015

LANA MOON'S new YA series starts off with a bang!

OCTOBER SYNDROME: an action-packed trip into the world of Catch and Todd Thornwacker -- brothers, best friends, and ghost hunters!

High school wrestling star Jonah “Catch” Thornwacker dives into the paranormal like a haunted young man. But nothing haunts him more than freshman Sully Chambers.

Todd Thornwacker is driven by candy-coated fantasy with a gentleman’s edge—so of course he’s game for any adventure…especially if there are ladies present.

Since she was a child, Sully Chambers has been drawn to the dark and dreary Victorian mansion called Croft House. On Halloween night, she arrives to investigate with best friends Naomi and Todd...and her childhood crush, Catch. But nothing can prepare her for what she’ll uncover once the investigation begins.

As the night progresses, the team realizes they are not alone—and the grisly past of Croft House is coming back to life with a vengeance!

Available exclusively on Amazon!