Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Humbuggery Hiatus

Well, it's been a busy year, to say the least. And while E.M. Bryant is pounding away the pages, Lana's world has been much, much quieter. And that quiet has given me pause to reflect on the sometimes unnerving twinges of failure. It's a good time to remember why I write...and why some rules must never be broken...

Rule 1 of writing: Remember to do laundry. Failure to not do this will result in awkward nighttime writing in anything from the too snug tee from high school to the cocktail dress with cat hair on it. #shameful #ButIWillMoveOn

Rule 2 of writing: Water is NOT the key to life. Coffee is. And when the writing must stop for the day, gin is also a good nightcap. #BloodOfCoffee

Rule 3 of writing: Ignore your critics, but listen to your editor.

Rule 4 of writing: Embrace the bad reviews...they are what make you more legitimate than only 4 and 5 star reviews. Embrace the fact that not everyone will enjoy the book...and that is okay.

Rule 5 of writing: Believe in every ridiculous, over-the-top, minuscule, and dramatic aspect of your characters. Believe in them and they WILL APPEAR GUTLESS AND REAL ON THE PAGE.

Rule 6 of writing: Accept the praise you're given. You'll need it for future dark days.

Rule 7 of writing: Don't forget to check in with your friends and family.

Rule 8 of writing: Don't switch genres because it confuses readers. (Double oops)

Rule 9 of writing: Don't stop loving the crazy people you are creating. After all, Severus Snape was once just a black cloaked figure in J.K. Rowling's head.

Rule 10 of writing: Keep writing. <---that one, I'm kind of failing. Also, the days of the week underwear need to be retired. But fear not--this writing hiatus won't last too much longer. And in the meantime, I'm sure I'll have all kinds of embarrassing stories to fill the void...

PS: if you're looking for summer reading, someone conveniently dropped all 4 current books in this blog. Weird...

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