Thursday, June 11, 2015

Moon Plugs

Something snaps inside of me when I take on more than one writing project. It's like I have a crazy mind-gasm -- and suddenly it's not just multiple writing projects I'm taking on, but brand new lifestyle projects. These, of course, are insane. And ultimately lies that will never happen.

...But because the insanity spreads quickly, here are the Top 5 lies I've told myself this week:

5 -- I'm going to start extreme couponing! Then I'll grocery shop for the entire week AND make money! If people on TV can do it, it can't be THAT hard or time consuming...

4 -- I'll just stop eating red meat entirely. I'll save money AND improve my health. ...Wait, is that dark meat Chipotle uses beef?

3 -- If coffee is cut out, I'll save money. Tea is better for my health anyway. (Ahem, Starbucks now has 6 new frappuccino flavors... DAMN IT).

2 -- I'm going to train the cats to use the toilet! There are like 5 YouTube videos about how to do this, so it can't be that difficult!

1 -- There's a Pinterest post about making your own organic tampons! Maybe I can improve their version and sell mine! #MoonPlugs

Here's hoping next week brings some clarity!

Stay tuned for more updates on HAMPIRE!


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