Monday, May 11, 2015


This is a big week! Purgatory, the last installment to the diary trilogy, goes live on May 20th!!!!

If that isn't exciting enough, Rapture will be FREE to download again on Friday, May 15th!

AND... Genesis will be FREE to download Wed (5/14), Thur (5/14), and Fri (5/15). MARK YOUR KINDLE CALENDARS!

Don't have a Kindle? No problem! Just download the FREE KINDLE APP on your device!

Please join me as I say goodbye to this series. Check out one of my favorite chapters from Genesis below!!!

Check out the grim 2nd installment of E.M. Bryant's diary trilogy. Has Fr. Jaco always been a madman? 

July 4, 1991

Polly stayed until this morning. She left before the grand Fourth of July luncheon. It was just as well. The children didn’t know what the hell was going on. They were marching around with red, white, and blue scarves, not really paying any attention except that the weather was hot and they were being forced to march around outside. I couldn’t blame them, though it was fun to see Mary cursing under her breath at the heat. She should suffer, just as any insufferable bitch should suffer.

I heard her take a call for Donovan after the luncheon. This caller put a chill to my spine. “Fr. Donovan,” she sang at him. She sang at him like a canary that needed to be choked! “That man is on the phone for you again.”

“What man?” Donovan was too lazy to get up from his desk, so he took to just shouting to her from inside his office.

“His name is Derrick.”

I froze.

I wanted to listen. But that bitch had her eyes on me and shut me out.

“Can I help you, Fr. Jaco?”

“The man on the phone for Donovan, who is he?”

“Why do you ask?”

God, I hated her!

“You said his name was Derrick?”

“Do you know any Derricks, Fr. Jaco?” A strange smirk appeared on her face. I felt ill.

What if I had to flee in the middle of the night? Could I do it? Where would I go?


And now for something COMPLETELY different! Check out other works by Lana Moon! Love stories in heat!

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