Thursday, February 26, 2015

THE HEART OF STONEM MANOR: learn its secrets...and fall in love.

The Heart of Stonem Manor is a mystery romance with heavy paranormal undertones.

It's the story of the brooding and charming John Stonem, who lives alone in his mansion after the love of his life dies.

Fate appears to play a hand when he suddenly encounters a woman who looks exactly like his late wife.

One nearly botched kidnapping later, and single mother Hazel Loveless finds herself thrown into John's lonely world. Accompanied by her little daughter, Hazel is forced to revisit John's past in order to help him out of his grief...but the further into his world she travels, the harder it is to keep her growing attraction at bay.

To make matters worse, Hazel's daughter forms an eerie bond with a very creepy doll...a doll who seems to know a lot about what happened inside the mansion walls before Hazel arrived.

With a household full of secrets, will Hazel be the key to unleashing the truth of the past at last?

Learn its secrets...and fall in love.

Love for the Loveless 

"You, not extraordinary?" His words were roughened with passion.

"I'm just Hazel, John. There is no larger-than-life anything about me. I'm a mother. I wanted to be a writer, but all I do is scribble on notepad. I worked a bunch of lousy diner jobs. And now, I schlep coffee for the St. Jerome paper. At least, I did..."

"That's far from the truth, which you continue to shield from everyone. Tell me what you write about."


He brushed his lips against her neck before meeting her gaze. "I want you, Hazel. But I can see the hesitation in your eyes." He leaned closer to her, never breaking her gaze. "Let go of your reservations. Let me make love to you. Let me give you something you've never had."

"I've had sex before, John."

"But you've never made love with a man who would go to so much trouble just to have you."





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