Monday, August 18, 2014

Dark Romance

I can always tell when I'm on a writing spree by the contents of the fridge (or LACK of contents). When the cats have more food than I do, I'm on a writing spree. When I can't remember the last time the dishwasher was ran (so I just keep turning it on), I'm on a writing spree. When the Thai delivery place knows my order by heart and has my card on file, I'm on a writing spree.

So, why? Why with the long hours?


I like an escape, which is why I read. Writing is another way to escape. There's nothing better than a good book to unwind after a heavy day at work or a heavy day in the news (which seems to be prevalent, unfortunately, right now).

Awake is the longest project I've had to date, but there's no rest for the wicked!I'm already finishing up the first draft of another dark romance.

Are you a fan of dark romances? Dark fantasies? Trashy romance? Do you just like to get lost in what you read?

Those are all the reasons that prompt me to write. For pleasure, for fantasy, for love, and for happily-ever-afters in a not so perfect world... Stay tuned for more!


Awake is currently available on several forums now. More details on the new manuscript soon!

Eve is the lone survivor after a tornado wipes out her entire family. She puts on a brave face to her friends, but at night, she is plagued by hellish nightmares. 

Victor hears her crying out in a nightmare---and answers her plea for peace. But he is no knight in shining armor, but an incubus whose very nature is to feast on sleeping women. But the moment he lays eyes on Eve, he senses a dark secret she is keeping from everyone. 

The lonely pair begin a torrid affair--but when her secret and his past threatens to destroy them both, only an agonizing confession and final act of boldness can set them free. 

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